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District A-15 Lions Clubs International

Central Southwestern Ontario, Canada

District Governor Charlene Dwyer -> mailto:dg.obfuscated.a15lions@org
Guelph Lions Club
h: (519) 780-1112

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Contact Cabinet Secretary -> mailto:cs.obfuscated.a15lions@org

Contact Cabinet Treasurer -> mailto:ct.obfuscated.a15lions@org

A New Century of Service

Welcome to a new Century of Service! As we continue to celebrate 100 Years of Service of Lions International, it is now time to look to our future. In order to meet the needs of our ever-changing world, it is imperative that we Lions, Lioness and LEOs work together within our own communities as well as globally. By working together in service we can grow our membership to reach even more people who need our help. You will be hearing more about our Lions International President Naresh Aggarwal's message regarding the Power of We, the Power of Action and the Power of Service. Service is the reason that our global organization exists. We truly live up to our motto We Serve! In order to reach out to the ever growing demand for our help we must focus on strengthening our Clubs and ensuring that all members are engaged in meaningful service projects. By transforming hope into action, we will create a great membership experience aiding in retention, growing our membership and increasing our service impact for those in need. We are excited to be presenting the Lions Forward Service Model for the 21st Century that includes five key areas of focused service: Diabetes, Environment, Hunger, Pediatric Cancer and Vision.

There will be a focused approach on our Youth by engaging our LEO members to work more closely with our clubs, developing strategies to charter more LEO clubs in our District that will increase the impact of our service. The LEO's are our future but they are also in the "here and now". Engage their enthusiasm and zest for service. Do you have a community where a LEO Club could be formed?

As our District moves forward into our second century of service, we look forward to introducing to you the Global Action Team, a unified approach focusing on teamwork, innovative service, leadership development and healthy membership!

Above anything else, it is still all about service. When we work together we can impact the lives of those who need our help the most. Are you excited? We are! WE SERVE - Roar Lions!

Lion Charlene Dwyer (Char)
A15 District Governor 2017-2018

District A-15 Is Seeking a New Treasurer

Hello Lions of A15:

For those who attended the August Cabinet Meeting, you were made aware that our current District A15 Cabinet Treasurer, Lion Peter Oswald, is looking to retire from the position he has held for the past ten years. Lion Peter has done such a tremendous job taking care of the finances for the District, answering Rules of Audit inquiries, and generally "taking care of business".

On behalf of District A15, I can't thank Lion Peter enough for his dedication to Lionism and our great District.

Therefore, we are advertising the A15 District Cabinet Treasurer position as outlined in the attached announcement. For interested candidates, please send your letter of interest outlining your experience to either myself or to our Cabinet Secretary Lion Rick Banks.

Thank you in advance for your interest in this position and again we send our sincerest appreciation to Lion Peter. Lion Peter plans to have the incoming Cabinet Treasurer work along with him leading up to the succession of his position and is also willing to help where needed as we move forward.

Lion V Charlene Dwyer (Char)
A15 District Governor 2017-2018

Please consider using the Lions Forum, a discussion Bulletin Board. Until you, the Lions of A-15, start using it, it will remain empty!

To add anything to the Forums, you will need to register for the site with a username and password, and you will need to answer a skill-testing Lions question. Then I need to activate your registration. That's a lot of effort for each of you just to get started, but unfortunately, it has to be that way unless we all want to read about on-line pharmacies selling little blue pills and member enhancement potions :-(

Once you are registered, you will be able to start discussions ("Topics") and participate in those started by others.

I truly hope this will help to spread information. That way you don't need to ask me or someone on Cabinet to advertise - just do it!

Lion Ted Rypma -> mailto:it.obfuscated.a15lions@org, Web Site Admin

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