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A-15 Youth Exchange and Bruce Murray International Youth Camp 2017


Incoming Youth - Mark & Allison -> mailto:ycex.obfuscated.a15lions@org (226) 228-0874
Outgoing Youth - Mark & Allison Henkell -> mailto:ycout.obfuscated.a15lions@org (226) 228-0874 (Outbound Application (Excel))

Dates: 2017 Camp - July 22 to Aug 1, 2017 |

Youth Camp Agenda 2017     Google maps link to Blue Springs Scout Reserve

Incoming campers

Bill, male 21 / Austria
Interests: Volunteer firefighter, likes nature, swimming, campfires, and photography.
HOST - Tracey Vanderheide, Innerkip


Florence, female 17 / Belgium
Interests: Likes golfing, traveling, skiing, shopping and discovering new things.
HOST - Russ & Charlene Dwyer


Louis, male 17 / Belgium
Interests: Likes golf, skiing, visiting other countries, and watching nature.
HOST - Janice Lajeunesse, Cambridge


Luisa, female 16 / Brazil
Interests: Outgoing, likes makeup, Netflix, volleyball, reading, music, and travelling.
HOST - Janis Murray, Grand Bend




Matheus, male 17 / Brazil
Interests: Likes board games, going out, video games, meeting new people, Jiu-Jitsu and TV.
HOST - Mike & Linda Jeffreys, Woodstock


Jan, male 21 / Czech Republic
Interests: Honest, easy-going, and apparently he likes washing dishes!
HOST - Bryan & Christine Ferwerda, Woodstock


Line, female 20 / Denmark
Interests: Outgoing, likes nature, volleyball and to be physically active.
HOST - Bev & Marcel VanStratten, Muir


Madli, female 18 / Estonia
Interests: Creative, loves dancing, fashion, and travel. Will not arrive until July 13. Vegetarian.
HOST - Mark & Allison Henkell, Woodstock


Henna, female 19 / Finland
Interests: Social, likes baseball, hanging out with friends, laughing, and early mornings.
HOST - Doug & Caroline Carberry, Embro


Celeste, female 16 / France
Interests: Likes swimming, hiking, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and animals.
HOST - Janis Murray, Grand Bend


Robin, male 17 / Germany
Interests: Active, likes sports, especially soccer, travelling, and experiencing new things.
HOST - Mark & Allison Henkell, Woodstock


Fotini, female 19 / Greece
Interests: Likes dance, reading books, listening to music, and travel.
HOST - Gerald & Mary Glaves, Paris


Kristof, male 22 / Hungary
Interests: Likes sports, music, movies, studying to be an environmental engineer, interested in learning about Canada's environmental activities and technologies.
HOST - Mike & Linda Jeffreys, Woodstock


Nikita, female 22 / India
Interests: likes traveling, exploring, dancing, badminton, listening to music, playing guitar. She is friendly, creative, positive, honest, caring; Not arriving until July 16th.
HOST - Bill Drever, Lynden


Caroline, female 20 / Indonesia
Interests: Friendly, likes travelling, badminton, swimming, loves to know and learn new things; Not arriving until July 16th or 17th due to school commitments.
HOST - Bill Drever, Lynden


Yoad, male 17 / Israel
Interests: likes meeting and getting to know new people, listening to music, hiking, sports, basketball, football.


Dario, male 17 / Italy
Interests: Outgoing, friendly, hard-working, likes music, and basketball.
HOST - Dawn & Douglas Henahaw, New Hamburg


Margherita, female 17 / Italy
Interests: Loves outdoor activities, all animals (except spiders and insects), comes from a large family. 'Allergic to cats.
HOST - Russ & Charlene Dwyer


Jose, male 17 / Mexico
Interests: Creative, friendly, likes music, rugby, volleyball.
HOST - Janice Lajeunesse, Cambridge


Stephania, female 20 / Mexico
Interests: Friendly, cheerful, honest, likes music, travel, and movies.
HOST - Bev & Marcel VanStratten, Muir


Carlijn, female 18 / Netherlands
Interests: Likes playing the violin, snowboarding, scuba-diving, and science.
HOST - Gerald & Mary Glaves, Paris


Borja, male 22 / Spain
Interests: Outgoing, loves travel, great chef, passionate about Canadian culture.
HOST - Bryan & Christine Ferwerda, Woodstock




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